Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller concludes Trump-Russia ties investigation. Submits report to Attorney General.

Special counsel, Robert Mueller, has submitted his long awaited report to the Attorney General of the United States,

This report is nearly two years in the making.

Mueller, a former FBI director was appointed in May of 2017 to lead the federal investigation of Russian effort to interfere with the 2016 Presidential campaigns, whether President Trump or his campaign was involved.

The appointment of Robert Mueller came 8 days after President Trump fired FBI director, James Comey, who was leading the bureau’s Russian investigation.

In a letter from Attorney General, William Barr, to congress, he says that he may be able to brief congress as soon as weekend on the findings from the investigation.

Legally, Mr. Barr has an obligation to brief congress but he has no obligation to release anything to the public. However, during his confirmation hearing he vowed to be as transparent as possible.

Also in the letter, Mr. Barr says he will consult with the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller and who is overseeing this investigation and other justice officials to determine how much he can make public..

It is worthy of note that the current justice department does not believe that a sitting president can be indicted. So if there is any evidence of criminal wrong doing on the part of the President, it would be up to the Attorney General to decide whether or not to pass that along to congress for possible impeachment proceedings.

The President, this week, has shown a lot of optimism about what he believes is going to be on the report and rightly so, because so far, there had been no indication that there would be any wrong doing on the part of the President.

However, there had been questions of possible obstruction of justice and whether the President have tried to interfere with the investigation.

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